Why to choose Gate Motor Northcliff?

Gate Motor Northcliff provides the best services to install the up to the mark gate motors that are much reliable and smarter than a human guard. You need to call the team, and within a day or two, your place is fully secured.

Gate Motor Automation is the latest way to secure your places along with the other safety accessories. You can automate the entry at your gate to regulate the ingoing of any personnel. This automation is beneficial for the places where the neighborhood is unsafe.

Gate Motor Northcliff

Centurion gate motor is a widespread option for households and industrial purposes. Gemini gate motor is another option to consider if you are looking for a product that runs through direct current. Both brands are fully equipped to give you the best experience of security.

Gate Motor Northcliff offers many discounts, and there is a gate motor for sale available for the customers. Other special services include TV Mounting, Wi-Fi installation, burglar bars, and other related work.

Is Centurion Gate Motors are the best for Residential Houses

Various brands are circulating in the market, but Gate Motor Northcliff only works with certain certified suppliers. Centurion Gate Motors are amongst those vendors that are famous for their quality of products and services. 

Centurion D5-Evo is a product that has no other match in the market. Although it is for the big residential houses, it can be used for industrial purposes as well. This sliding gate motor is also equipped with a battery that provides a backup for main power.

Which Gate Motor Installation is suitable for you?

Residential houses are the most vulnerable place to be intruded on. Therefore, a reputed and durable motor gate installation is mandatory.

Centurion D5 SMART, which is pricey but value for money, is a good option. It has speed and the best diagnostic system along with the intelligent reporting system. You can easily set it up using your cell phone.

If you are going for a cost-effective motor gate, then D2 Turbo is offered by Centsys. It can easily slide the gate weighing up to 250 kg. The peak push power of this motor gate is 9kgf. It is not a complicated gate motor but can be configured by adjusting only two buttons.

Is DTS Motor Gate a reputable brand for Gate Motor Installation?

DTS motor gate is another good option if you are considering for the inexpensive gate motor. The best product of Dts is Elite 600, which is basically for commercial places, but big houses can also install it. With a great battery backup and speed, this motor gate will provide the best security package.

Gate Motor Northcliff

DTS Expert 500 is a sliding gate motor that is designed specifically for residential houses. It is equipped with gate alarm functionality with oil-filled gearbox.